The Upside Down House

Hollywood is turning upside down at this new exhibit coming to The Museum Of Illusions.

We first told you about The Museum of 3D Illusions way back in December 2017 and we are so glad so many people have gone and sent us some fabulous pics.

Well, now this selfie museum is adding another exhibit and its completely upside down:

Coming soon to the Museum of 3D Illusions is our brand new exhibit, the UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE! Featuring 7 different interactive upside down rooms: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and more! You’ll finally see what it’s like to walk on walls.

You’ll amaze your friends and family when they see you dancing on the ceiling. You won’t be bored sitting on the couch when it’s hanging above you! When you come to the Upside Down House, you and your friends are in for a unique house party like no other! Our new exhibit truly must be seen to be believed!

So go and check it out for yourself and take some crazy pics. For more info and tickets, click HERE.

The Upside Down House, I am sure that is how some people view the world anyway, and we ❤️that. See ya soon.  xoxoo
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