A "Blade Runner" Bar Is Coming

Attention fans of Blade Runner, a new bar inspired by your favorite movie is coming to Hollywood this fall.

When Blade Runner first launched, 2019 was years away. Now we’re here, and while we don’t have flying cars or androids that surpass the uncanny valley, we do have Nexus 2019, an immersive pop-up bar that promises to place us in a cyberpunk world, not unlike the one depicted in the film.

Conceived by Wasteland Weekend creator Jared Butler, Nexus will open at a to-be-announced downtown L.A. location in November with an interior meticulously skinned to look like something straight out of the film.

Adding to the ambiance will be themed cocktails, food (including noodles), actors, and live entertainment.

The name Nexus, by the way, is derived from a series of replicants Tyrell manufactures. K, played by Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049, is a Nexus-9. A young Deckard falls in love with Rachael, a Nexus-7. Rob Zombie claims to be the Nexus-1 in “More Human than Human.”

Blade Runner depicted a futuristic and dystopian Los Angeles and we so ❤️that someone is finally bringing that vision into reality. Tickets and reservations are required and you can get them HERE. See ya at the bar.  xoxo
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  1. The futuristic movie Blade Runner was released in 1982 and it has been regarded as a cult hit with fans until today.   The DNA of this movie can be found in the new concept for a coffee bar that is about to open in Budapest, Hungary.  

  2. I love to visit bar with my college friends because we enjoy much in bar. Your blade runner bar is really cool and I am so exciting to visit this bar. But currently I need to write my assignment and I am not able to visit any bar before completing my academic project.