A Proper Hollywood Stay-Cay

When you can't seem to get out of town for the summer but still want a vacation, have a stay-cay at one of the MANY fabulous hotels in Los Angeles including the Proper Hotel in Santa Monica.

Just seven blocks from the Pacific ocean, Santa Monica's newest hotel is The Proper and it is the perfect place to revive and indulge in all that SOCAL has to offer.

Whether you want to lounge at the Rooftop pool, do some Yoga out on the terrace, dine at their incredible restaurant Calbabra, or learn to surf, this place is perfect getaway to...get away.

Here is an added bonus, if you are a California resident, the Proper is offering a 25% discount when you book a stay-cay.  How fabulous.

So check out the hotel immediately here, you deserve some rest and relaxation even if you are working your butt off all summer.  The Proper Hotel, we ❤️you.
A Proper Hollywood Stay-Cay A Proper Hollywood Stay-Cay Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on July 22, 2019 Rating: 5

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