Capturing Hollywood

You must check out the works of photographer Martin Mills who's images captured the Hollywood of yesteryear.

Martin Mills started out as a music publisher, but when he picked up a camera on the set of his wife's, actress Edie Adams 1967 film The Honey Pot, a new career was born.

Being in a unique position to document "Hollywood" he shot many rolls of film just to figure out lighting, shading and how to capture an interesting subject on a moment’s notice. He was entirely self-taught.

He founded Martin Mills Photography and was hired as a freelance photographer to shoot sports, entertainment and political figures for a diverse set of publications including Look Magazine, Pageant, TV Guide and Sports Illustrated among others.

Marty was also hired to shoot many publicity portraits as well as on-set photography by the studios and occasionally by the stars themselves.

Ironically, it was Mills’ close relationship with celebrities as friends that helped put his subjects at ease in front of the camera. Because he knew many of his subjects socially, he was able to capture them at their most natural.

Now his famous photos are available to everyone. To see more and to purchase, click HERE.

Martin Mills
Martin Mills passed in 2007 but his legacy lives on through his pictures. We just ❤️that he loved Hollywood just as much as we do. Thanks for the memories.

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