The Historical And Pop Culture Autograph Auction

Check out this new Celebrity Auction that is filled with penned letters and signatures from a world that doesn't exist anymore.

On July 11, 2019, Profiles in History is putting up for bid a ton of historical and pop culture autographs, and you are definitely going to want own something.

Items range from letters penned by George Washington and Davy Walt Disney's personal hand-annotated script for Cinderella.

There is a signed Honeymooners cast  photograph for sale,

and some classic signed cast pics from other sitcoms from All in the Family, Taxi, The Andy Griffith Show.

If movie stars are more your thing, there are 6 handsome leading men signed photographs featuring Henry Fonda, Charleton Heston, Burt Lancaster, and more.

As well as 12 Legendary directors signed photos and items of ephemera.

There are even eight different royal Christmas cards signed by Princess Diana and Prince Charles featuring them and their sons which is expected to get anywhere from $600-$800 for each card.

So come check out the auction.  You never know what Hollywood treasures you might come home with, and we so ❤️that.  See ya there. xoxo
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