Halloween Is Coming to Hollywood

Summer is not yet over but there are already plans to bring Halloween to Hollywood. Introducing Halloween House.

Haloween House is an immersive experience honoring a few of the most iconic Halloween movies to exist like The Night Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus and will be popping up in Hollywood starting October 2.

At Halloween House, fans will be able to visit Halloween Town, the Sanderson Sister’s cottage, the Addams Family living room, Oogie Boogie’s lair, and so much more! Guests that are over 21 can even drink cocktail-filled Sanderson Sister creepy cocktails, ghoulish beers, or witchy wine.

If you are a big Halloween person, this is great news, but if you are holding onto summer for dear life this might depress you, but ya know what... we ❤️it. Never to early to start planning ahead. Right?
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