Celebrate A Friendsgiving

Warner Bros. is having the ultimate Friendsgiving for you and your friends.

If you are a fan of Friends, you are going to LOVE this. Taking a cue from the iconic Friends episode, Friendsgiving, Warner Bros. Studios is giving Friends fans, the ultimate holiday experience: "Friendsgiving."

Friendsgiving is a three hour Friends dream day experience which includes a holiday meal, a special Friends-themed tour of the Warner Bros. Studios backlot including The Central Perk set and for for the very first time, the Friends fountain!

Everyone who hearts Hollywood already knows that the "Friends Fountain" has always at the Warner Bros. Ranch, but now it's being moved over to the main studio so that Friends fans can go pretend to splash around in a city fountain like a '90s twentysomething. They'll even have colorful umbrellas on-hand to make your dreams of being a "Friend" come true.

The special edition of the tour lasts 90 minutes, focusing on Friends and highlighting parts of the studio's backlots where memorable moments from the show were shot. You get to see the outside of Stage 24, which was where the series was shot, as well as faux Central Park where Phoebe and Rachel took up jogging and Phoebe revealed her... unique running style.

While taking the tour, you'll also be tested on your Friends trivia knowledge. How well do you think you will do?

During your stop at Central Perk you can sit on the iconic orange couch, check out costumes worn by the cast, and for Friendsgiving, you'll be able to join in on a "Smelly Cat" singalong while enjoying Friends-themed coffee drinks and pastries made special just for this.

The Friendsgiving Tour ends with dinner in the Commissary Fine Dining room, which Warner Bros. notes was also where the cast often ate while the show was filming. The dinner includes turkey, ham, sides, and vegan/gluten-free options. You'll even get Friends-themed drinks.

This is the ultimate Friends fan experience and we couldn't ❤️it more. To purchase tickets, click HERE. So if your job's a joke, you're broke and your love life's D.O.A this is the perfect holiday experience for you. Can't wait to see ya there.
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