The Spice GIrls Boozy Brunch

There's a Spice Girls themed boozy brunch heading to Hollywood and you know you really really want it.

We are living in a Spice World. Not only are the Spice Girls back on tour, but there is also Spice Girls brunch coming to Hollywood this November.

People of the world, spice up your life with the ultimate Spice Girl themed brunch!So tell me what you want, what you really, really want, I wanna, brunch, I wanna, brunch.

Relive your youth as you dance and sing along to all your Spice Girl childhood favorites Spice Girls classics while indulging in bottomless spicy themed cocktails-pumpkin spiced latte anyone?

This unique brunch will have prizes for best dressed, plenty of spicy themed games, including karaoke, and prizes for the best dressed.

So grab your leopard print spandex and unleash your inner Spice Girl. GIRL POWER!

There are more details to come as we get closer to November, so if you ❤️the Spice Girls and brunch is your HERE to sign up for news and updates.

We so ❤️theme brunches, so of course we ❤️this. See you brunch.

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