Los Angeles Police Academy Rock Garden

"Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to the police academy."  Those women turned out to be Charlie's Angels, and even though there have been MANY "Angels" throughout the years, one thing that has stayed the same is the Los Angeles Police Academy.

The Los Angeles Police Academy is located in a 21-acre Elysian Park complex and goes back more than seventy-five years to when it was known as the Los Angeles Pistol Club.

The Academy is located in a picturesque setting of fountains, waterfalls, pine trees, and flowers with classrooms, gymnasium, track, athletic field, obstacle course, and firing range, housed in and among Spanish-style buildings... it's so Hollywood looking, it almost feels like a backlot.

Declared Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #110 in 1973, the facility is used for recreational and sports purposes, as well as training, but you can enjoy it most any day for free, with the only thing to disturb the peace being the occasional sound of target practice.

 It is also home to The Rock Garden.

The Rock Garden, which served as the setting for a couple of Tarzan movies, has a beautiful public garden, waterfalls, flagstone paths, and beautifully carved stone benches.

So if you are looking for something Hollywood to do, that isn't exactly "Hollywood," check out the LA Police Academy... tell em Charlie sent you. It's pretty, unique, and a Hollywood backdrop, so yea, we ❤️that. 

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