The FaceGym

You've got a six-pack and a rocking body. Your face is Botoxed to the max, but it's not enough. Don't worry, a new gym is about to shake up your workout and it's coming to The Sunset Strip on Nov 1. Get ready for FaceGym.

"There are two things I always hated about you." "Oh yea, what's that?"  "Your FACE!!!"

FaceGym is an industry disrupter that is already a huge hit in London. Using high energy kneading movements and cutting edge technology, this gyms sole objective is to tone and tighten the forgotten 40 muscles in the face.

More than a facial, FaceGym combines their signature muscle manipulation techniques with hi-tech tools to lift, sculpt, tone and tighten.

The unisex beauty brand offers six non-invasive, hybrid facelift massages that incorporate gua shua tools, electric muscle stimulation devices, and more.

“When a new face lifting procedure left me housebound, I decided it was time to act and create a non-invasive, zero-risk, face lifting solution that really works,” says Inge Theron, FaceGym's founder.

Expect muscle-manipulating treatments, including 30-minute services like the glow-giving Signature and the plumping Cryo Oxygen (which can also be combined with workouts). There are also 40-minute workouts including the "amped up" Signature Electrical, the slower-paced and hands-only Yoga Face, and the high-intensity Boss (which includes a Skin I.V. Deep Clean drip and is ideal for those on the go).

So whether you’re looking for a total transformation or need quick lunchtime fix, there is a perfect face workout tailored to meet your needs, and we ❤️that.  For more info, click HERE. This is a perfect new gym for us here in Hollywood. See ya soon.

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