Pitch Your TV Idea to DC Comic.

If you're a creator who's found yourself so inspired by the DC Universe and want to do something of your own with DC's iconic heroes and villains, now you can.  DC is opening its development doors and letting anyone pitch an unscripted concept and video series for the DC Universe.

Now through November 18th DCYou Unscripted is excepting pitches. You can easily and quickly pitch unscripted/reality video series ideas ranging from game shows to gameplay to how-to's.

The top 10 entrants chosen will score a trip to Los Angeles to spend a day with industry pros to hone their ideas -- and pitch their concepts to a panel of DC executives and other heavy hitters in the entertainment industry. Three finalists will then move on, and get their unscripted pilots produced by Ideas United, with one final entrant getting their very own series on DC Universe!

The rules are simple. You must be over 18 and a US resident. Original non-narrative unscripted show ideas only. All narrative interpretations of DC’s characters will be disqualified. Don’t submit that Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman story you’ve always wanted to tell. You must be a legal resident of the United States of America. You must complete the Submission Form and submit a Creative Component.

To pitch, click HERE.

In a town where everyone has a show they want to sell, this is a great opportunity for someone to become a superhero in the unscripted space, and we ❤️that.
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