The Avocado

Do you know about The Avacado, a new website that is being described as The Onion for Hollywood?

If you ❤️Hollywood, you MUST check out The Avacado, the new site that pokes fun of all things "Hollywood."

The Avocado is a satirical (meaning fake) publication. Should a reader upon sober reflection, think or believe that anything contained in any post in this web site is true, they are mistaken and should relieve and abandon themselves of that idiotic notion immediately. Anyone who concludes otherwise ought to stay away from this site forever and may want to consider instead seeking immediate help, attention or treatment. This site publishes parodies. 

Stories include Disney Plus Acquires Pornhub, Is Your New Boyfriend An Adorably Disheveled Hipster Or One Of L.A.’S 60,000 Homeless?, How Becoming A Scientologist Can Help You Break Into Hollywood, and Los Angeles Government Shuts Down Over 50 Degree Weather, just to name a few.

So go on and check out all the hilarity that the Avacado is spreading.  It's really funny, and that is why we ❤️it.  xoxo
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