Leopard Love By Jill Rytle Lutz

We heart the newest, most fabulous way to ride in style down the Sunset Strip: Leopard Limousines.

These “fully leopardized” Eighty and Ninety Series Lincoln Limousines are turning heads in L.A. and will definitely get you noticed. “Even the tire jack in the trunk is in a leopard case,” says Marvin Miller, Leopard Limousine’s President. “These are incredible cars.”
Leopard Limousine has six in their fleet, and because times are tough, they’re on sale. “We normally charge $150 and hour,” says Marvin, “but for the depression, we’ve lowered the rate to $75 an hour.” Who doesn't heart a 50% discount?

The only thing more fabulous than the limos themselves MIGHT be the lady who came up with this idea, Yvonne Weisengrund, Marvin’s wife. She looooves leopards. The proof? Check out this LL commercial Meow!

Leopard Limo....we heart you!
Leopard Love By Jill Rytle Lutz Leopard Love By Jill Rytle Lutz Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on November 18, 2009 Rating: 5


  1. I like that Marvin lowered prices for the "depression"...what is this 1929? No, but those hoopty's is dope

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