Box Office Regret: Michelle Pfeiffer

There are certain iconic movies that you see when you are a kid, that even though they were ❤️ for the rest of your life.  One of those films for us was the iconic film "Grease 2."  No, it wasn't as well received as "Grease", but as a little kid, this movie was EVERYTHING.

So after growing up, it was sad to hear that people thought this movie was crap.  More so, Michelle Pfeiffer never talks about, making one think that this was one of her films in her career that she regrets. Not so much. The one film regret she has is a role she DIDN'T take...."Thelma and Louise." Instead, she made "Love Field."  

"I still can't watch Thelma & Louise.  It was a direct conflict, so it was one film or the other.  It still kills me.  You can't always do everything."

Yes, she did get an Oscar nomination for her role, but one can argue that she would have been amazing in Thelma and what could have been.

Also worth noting is that Michele recently revealed turning down the films "To Die For", which earned Nicole Kidman a Golden Globe, and "The Silence of the Lambs" for which Jodie Foster took home an Oscar. 

Michelle Pfeiffer we ❤️ you!!!

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