Happy Halloween...with Paul Lynde

My annual Halloween tradition....watching the Paul Lynde Halloween special, and now I share it with you....and you’re welcome.

THE cast — I kid you not — included the four original members of Kiss, a future Golden Girl, Fonzie’s main squeeze from “Happy Days,” a Mormon singing duo and two of the most beloved witches in all of baby-boom-era pop culture. But the truly jaw-dropping thing about “The Paul Lynde Halloween Special” is that this notorious hourlong variety extravaganza, largely unseen since its 1976 ABC broadcast.  As Mr. Lynde himself might say, “Hoo-ra-a-ay!”

Halloween, known to some as the gay Christmas, was a great match for Mr. Lynde’s flamboyant brand of comedy. A wisecracking star of “Hollywood Squares,” he inhabited the so-called glass closet decades before that term was invented, and as a TV actor he had plenty of experience with the supernatural. In the ’60s Mr. Lynde played both Uncle Arthur, the prankish warlock on “Bewitched,” and Dr. Dudley, the jittery family physician on “The Munsters.

Betty White and Donny and Marie Osmond make only cameo appearances in the special, but the always game Florence Henderson of “The Brady Bunch” is along for the whole shebang. When not singing a disco version of “That Old Black Magic,” she shares a major lip lock with Mr. Lynde, who’s dressed as “very chic sheik” Florence of Arabia. Were there any gay actors that Ms. Henderson didn’t kiss back then?

Happy Halloween and Paul Lynde...we ❤️ you.
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