6 Celebrity Vegans You Should Be Following On Instagram

Recent years have seen a huge surge in the number of people choosing to go vegan, including celebrities. Whilst it’s still seen as a big life choice, the movement has broken into the mainstream and created a whole new type of influencer. We’re taking a look at celebrities who use their Instagram feeds to educate their followers on the benefits of veganism in the hope of encouraging others to make the switch.  By: Megan Sheraton

Alicia Silverstone
The longtime vegan star has worked with numerous animal charities over the years including PETA and Farm Sanctuary. She also curates thekindlife.com, a lifestyle website featuring vegan recipes, restaurant tips and guides on how to live a green life. The actress regularly updates her 369k Instagram followers with posts on veganism and the environment.

Miley Cyrus
Global superstar Miley has followed a vegan diet since 2014 and even had the vegan symbol tattooed on her arm earlier this year. The singer frequently posts food inspo and vegan memes to her 72.5m Instagram followers.

Evanna Lynch
Harry Potter star Evanna describes herself as a vegan activist in her Instagram bio and consistently uses the platform to encourage her 1.4m followers to take up the lifestyle. She was featured on the cover of Vegan Life this year and worked with PETA on a video showing Harry Potter fans how to veganise Hogwarts recipes.

Kat Von D
The celebrity tattooist has long been an advocate for the meat-free lifestyle, frequently using social media to spread the message. The star’s cruelty-free make-up range went completely vegan last year after Kat made the switch herself from vegetarianism to veganism.

Bryan Adams
Canadian rocker Bryan has been vegan since 1989, long before there were the amazing alternative options available today. The Summer of 69 singer credits the lifestyle for his constant energy and asks fans to ‘go vegan’ within his Instagram bio.

Mayim Bialik
The Big Bang Theory star released cookbook Mayim’s Vegan Table in 2014 and has worked with PETA on numerous campaigns urging the public to think twice about eating meat. Mayim regularly posts food inspo to her 2.3m Instagram followers and discusses how she incorporates veganism into her Jewish faith.

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