Ian Schrager's Studio 54

Technically not “Hollywood” but sooo Hollywood...Studio 54.  

To this day, club promoters and owners have tried to duplicate, resurrect, and even emulate this great venue, and yet, decades later, it still remains the standard by which all other nightclubs are judged and compared.

The NYC institution was as famous for letting cool people in as it was for keeping cool people out: Here is a fun fact...after being turned away at the door, Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic wrote a song initially titled “Fuck Off,” which became the dance-floor favorite "Le Freak.”

I remember being a little kid at the time of its heyday and begging my parents to get the NY Post, so I could read Page 6 and see who was at the club the previous night.  

The owners, Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, never wrote a book about the experience, but for the club’s 40th anniversary, Schrager released Studio 54 (Rizzoli, $75), featuring hundreds of photos from the club's heyday, many of them from his personal albums: Michael Jackson and David Bowie, presidential families and news anchors, the SNL crew, Diana Ross, Tennessee Williams, Halston, Roy Cohn, and Richard Pryor.

The pics are INCREDIBLE, considering that cell phone cameras weren’t invented yet.  Can't even imagine what it was like.

Studio 54….we ❤️ you!!!
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