Love Yourself Until It Hurts!

Meet Wendy Riese, The Spiritual Coach...aka Wendy the Good Witch; Wendy, The Rock and Roll Spiritualist; Wendy, The Gangster of Good; or Wendy, The Spiritual Dominatrix.  Whatever you call her, just know one thing:  Wendy will whip you into spiritual ecstasy.

If you are looking to work through issues that have kept you at a particular level in life, go see Wendy.   A Spiritual Coach since 1995, Wendy empowers her clients to LOVE their lives. She works primarily (but not exclusively) within the Hollywood community: movie and television stars (and those on their way to stardom) rock stars, producers, writers, designers, artists, etc. to become their best selves and live their best lives.  Her confidentiality and wide array of services are like a breath of fresh air to people under pressure. She brings people love and serenity with personalized affirmations, meditations, astrology, visualization, Tarot & Angel cards, candles, and crystals.   

When you work with Wendy, you will first be amazed by her passion to lovingly align someone with their self-love...she lights the way to help make all your best dreams come true. 

Her basic philosophy is very simple:

"Love yourself and know that you are one with the loving power that created you. You are powerful beyond measure and anything is possible if you believe."  

Wendy honors one's past and helps her clients to move beyond their pasts ASAP, freeing them to live joyously in 'The Now' and create a most fabulous future.  She will listen to the way you speak and the words you choose and changes your negative thoughts into affirmations. Wendy wants you to 

"Love yourself until it HURTS"  

Wendy works with people on relationships, self-esteem, health, wealth and all the good we all deserve as human beings.  She is passionate about empowering people and making people feel really really good about themselves.  Wendy is a spiritualist coach, NOT a therapist, assisting people on a spiritual level and not necessarily on a mental level or physical level.  She wants people to know that there is a loving power that created all good and beautiful things in the universe. She then leads her clients to connect to that power in ways that are appropriate for their personalities and belief systems and gives them ways to use that power to create what their heart desires in their life.

If you are lucky enough to work with Wendy one-on-one, you can do so at her beautiful office that is overflowing with hearts and crystals.  

"I love hearts because they represent love. Love is the greatest healing elixir there is. My home and office overflow with hearts."  

Wendy also offers phone sessions for her long distant clients or people "on location" as we say in Hollywood.  Her ideal clients are both mentally and physically sound and want to fine-tune their lives to create a better career, a better body, or better relationship.  She is here to improve your life.  

Wendy's upcoming book, "I Love You & So Do You" is filled with fun stories and 11 brilliant easy tips to help you love your life, so look for that very soon and look for her on several talk shows when the book is released. 

If you want to improve the quality of your life, go see Wendy. You deserve it.  You need it.  You have to have it.


Wendy Riese....we ❤️ you.   

Love Yourself Until It Hurts! Love Yourself Until It Hurts! Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on October 03, 2017 Rating: 5


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