Flying Taxis...Hell Yea

LA Traffic is out of control.  What to do?  Uber has a solution.....hit the air.  The company announced Wednesday that it will partner with NASA on a new flying taxi service, and that Los Angeles will be one of the first testing grounds.  

The program, called UberAir, would begin in 2020, with short flights of around the TMZ (30 mile zone.)  "LA is the most congested city on earth," Uber CPO Jeff Holden said today at Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. "14% of the land is dedicated to parking, and there are 18.6 million parking spots … three per car in the city!"

According to the company, passengers will travel in as-yet unbuilt electric aircrafts capable of traveling at speeds up to 200 miles per hour. The flights will take off and land at sites the company plans to develop in partnership with real estate investor Sandstone Properties.

We are all for ANYTHING that will ease up LA traffic.  Check out the video:

Flying taxis....we ❤️you!!!
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