Be Naked...But Not Afraid

Do you love shows like "Survivor" and "Naked And Afraid?"  Have you ever wanted to experience an adventurist excursion to see if you have what it takes to try our for these types of shows?  Does the idea of a "survival" vacation appeal to you? Or are you just obsessed with these shows, as we are?

If so, check out Oceania Expeditions, a boutique Australian travel company founded by Ray and Annalise Andrews, that has put together the ultimate Survivor experience, Kabakon Survivor.

Kabakon Survivor, is an all-inclusive travel adventure "vacation" that drops you off on the remote island of Kabakon in Papua New Guinea.  There you'll spend five nights in a thatched hut and learn, from the Karawara community, skills needed to survive.  From spearfishing and foraging to weaving and networking, the experience is one of authenticity and sustainability, according to OEX co-owner, Ray Andrews.

According to their site:
Kabakon Survivor is your chance to cast off your current reality. Try on another one as you live in a thatched bungalow overlooking the St. George’s Channel of the Bismark Archipelago. Learn survival skills from your visiting neighbors, the Karawara people, who use your temporary home as their regular garden isle.

The cost is $5,700 for the trip, so let's just hope your friends don't vote you off before you finish the adventure.

Kabakon Survivor....we ❤️you!!!
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