How Deep Is Your Love For Saturday Night Fever?

This guy is my hero.  His name is Gianluca Merch and is a very wealthy Saturday Night Fever superfan who recreated the club Odyssey Disco in the exact same location in Brooklyn on the 40th Anniversary of the film for his birthday party. What a great idea...and a great idea to show his love to his favorite film.

Mech, a self-professed “Fever” freak, spent over $200,000 to fly in family and friends from his home in Rome to Brooklyn for the party, and transform the Bamboo Garden Restaurant at 802 64th Street, which was the site of the real-life 2001 Odyssey Disco from the movie, back into the iconic club for just one night. Sounds like this man has disco fever.  I wonder if his one request to his guest were, "Will you just watch the hair, ya know I work on my hair a long time."

“It’s quite a lot of money, but it’s worth it. It’s been my dream since I was a child to dance where ‘Saturday Night Fever’ was done,” said Mech, 48, a nutritionist and herbalist who’s been called the Richard Simmons of Italy. “At 10 years old, I said, ‘I want to come to New York and dance.’ People thought I was crazy. And look at me now.”

He invited the cast, but sadly John Travolta didn’t show up...but his co-star Karen Lynn Gorney and Randy Jones of the Village People did.  Even the original club DJ, Ralphie Dee, was on hand to spin again, while pizza from Lenny's on 86th St, made famous in the film was served all night.  How COOL is THAT?

Disco is back. 

Gianluca Merch, Saturday Night Fever, and Odyssey Disco...we ❤️you!!!

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