Sabor Light Fight

One thing we ❤️about Hollywood is how so many people are really DEDICATED to ❤️movies.

Now if you ❤️ Star Wars Friday, December 15 is your LUCKY day as Neweminded space will hold a Saber Battle in Downtown LA.

What is a Saber Light Fight???   It's a massive saber battle in Los Angeles, where you picck a side...good or evil...and use a glowing sword to fight in the ultimate nocturnal showdown. RAIN OR SHINE!

Friday's Downtown Los Angeles event will be put on by Newmindspace, known for their massive 5000-person pillow fights, giant games of Capture the Flag, and huge bubble battles.

Tickets were $10 but are currently just $5. You can reserve a saber for pickup at the event or pay an extra fee for home delivery. In addition, you can order ten six-color sabers, currently priced at $40 (for pickup only).

Loving movies this much...we ❤️ you.

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