Go Inside Star Wars

Are you one of those thousands of people who are OBSESSED with STAR WARS?  Have you ever wanted to VISIT the lands in the movies?  Well, now you can at Downtown Disney’s new “hyper-reality” attraction, The Void.

The Void is a full sensory, immersive experience, with you and your "friends" or with you and your enemies walking around inside the action. It’s called "location-based entertainment" – that means you visit one of the locations – and you walk into real-time hyper-reality that combines interactive sets, real-time effects, and amazing technology.  This is unmatched realism that takes you entirely out of your own world – and into another—not just visually, but physically and emotionally.

Now Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is one of the worlds available to enter:

According to the site:
Reach out. Touch a real wall. Grab a real railing. Then feel a breeze across your face as the experience begins. Suddenly: who are these creatures? What is that sound? Take your Proton Blaster and save the world. You’re inside THE VOID, with your entire mind and body immersed in virtual worlds where reality and imagination mix in breathtaking, hyper-realistic experiences.

After launching in London and Orlando in mid-December, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is now open at Downtown Disney in Anaheim.

Tickets are $29.95 are available online, and reservations are encouraged as it's been sold out since it opened.  If Star Wars isn't your thing, you can always visit the land of Ghostbusters.

Anytime we can go inside one of our favorite movies, we are there.  THE VOID...we ❤️you.

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