Don't Touch That Dial

Are you as obsessed with TV as we are?   But who watches "TV" anymore?  It's all about viewing your favorite shows on your iPad or your iPhone...but if you are an old-school soul like us, you are gonna want to see it with these:

Don't touch that dial!
This recycled cardboard stand gives your iPad the look of a retro TV bringing retro flair to your IPAD viewing.  Doesn't matter if you are into binge-watching or movie watching..or porn watching...this makes viewing fun.  It is made entirely from recycled goods by Luis Rodrigalvarez in Charlottesville, Virgina, and is the perfect present for anyone looking for a blast from the past.
$ 30.00

Smartphone Magnifier
So if you don't have an iPad, but you do have an iPhone, you can enjoy your mobile movies with the Little Big Screen which doubles the size of your smartphone display. Just slip your device into the fully assembled, retro-styled cardboard TV and enjoy your mobile movies double the size of your screen. Keep it in your bag for impromptu screenings during your next camping trip, sleepover, or long car ride. Designed in London. Made in China and all yours for $ 30.00

Now with all this retro TV talk, you are gonna want this too,  a home-cooked version of the TV dinner in this set of two stoneware trays:
Stoneware TV Dinner Trays
Gather your whole clan on the couch for a big helping of food, a side of entertainment, and a dash of nostalgia. Switch on a sitcom and start your own laugh track with friends and family members as you serve up a home-cooked version of the TV dinner in this set of two stoneware trays coated in a food-safe glaze. Picky eaters of all ages will cheer for separated servings of meats, starches, veggies, and desserts, with no need for multiple takes and extra plates. Love is a dish best served warm. Cheap at
$ 24.00

All this retro TV stuff...we ❤️you!!!
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