Whatever Happened To: The Cast Of "Gimme A Break!"

Gimme a Break! was an American sitcom that ran on NBC for six seasons from 1981–87, starring Nell Carter as Nell Harper, a once-aspiring singer who became a housekeeper for the Kaniskys: patriarch Carl, the chief of police of the fictional Glenlawn, California, and his daughters Katie, Julie, and Samantha.  If you grew up in the 80's this show was a must see.  

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As the show grew in popularity, the cast also grew and they added in Carl's father played by Stanley Kanisky (who is almost like the original dad from Fraiser), Adelaide Wilson, who was Nell's best friend, played by Thelma Hopkins, Howard Morton who played Officer Ralph Simpson, and as all 80's shows of that time did...they added in an adorable kid, this one played by Joey Lawrence (pre Blossom) as adopted son" Joey"...clever.   Even Jonathan Silverman was a semi-regular at one point playing Julie's husband.
After the death of actor Dolph Sweet after Season 4, the series continued for a season with Nell as the sole head of the Kanisky household, which was sad, so they decided to completely revamp the show, and for the final season,  most of the cast (minus the older Kanisky daughters) moved to New York City...and enter pre-famous Rosie O' Donnel as wacky friend Maggie, and Paul Sand as Marty the loveable landlord.  They even doubled down and added ANOTHER cute kid in the form of Matthew Lawrence, who played Joey's brother Matthew.  How do they think of this stuff?  


I always thought the show lost it when they kept changing the words to the opening...but it did have all us kids saying "GIMME A BREAK!" every chance we could.

I am sure if Nell Carter hadn't passed away, they would be bringing this show back.  You don't think? GIMME A BREAK!!!  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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