Buy Jimmie's House From Pulp Fiction

The Studio City house used as Jimmie Dimmick's (Quentin Tarantino) home in Pulp Fiction is up for sale.

4145 Kraft Ave, Studio City in 2018
4145 Kraft Ave as seen in Pulp Fiction
Originally built in 1936, this  3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,700 square-foot house looks just like it when they shot Pulp Fiction in 1994.

From Pulp Fiction
The Living Room Today
The kitchen, where a blood-soaked Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta stood enjoying an awkward cup of coffee with Tarantino is being marketed as a development opportunity (“plans and permits fully approved and paid for”) or a possible fixer-upper.

In Pulp Fiction
The Same Kitchen Today...sans blood
While the front of the house was used very slightly in Pulp Fiction, the backyard was used extensively in the scene in which The Wolf hosed down Vincent Vega played by John Travolta and Jules Winnfield played by Samuel L. Jackson.

Pulp Fiction
The Same Backyard 
Can just imagine the fun you can have with your friends with all those Pulp Fiction themed parties if you were the new owner?

Own a piece of Hollywood History...for $1,395,000.  Pulp Fiction...we ❤️you.

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