Barbra Streisand Nails It

At long last, Barbra Streisand is setting the record straight and answered her most often asked question...are her nails real?

I kid you NOT. Ms. Streisand took to her Twitter this weekend and posted the following video.  Now before you watch it, please keep in mind that someone actually had to put this together for her.  Can you imagine?   Well...the wait is finally ya go:

“When my mother wanted me to work in the school system and be a typist, I rebelled by growing my nails,” she explains. “To this day I wish I could type.” And with the exception of 1983’s Yentl, in which she plays an Ashkenazi Jewish woman posing as a man so that she can study law, she’s never strayed from her hallmark talons. “Even when I had to learn the guitar for A Star Is Born, I only had to cut them on one hand,” she says.

And so it is.   Barbra's nails....we ❤️you!!!
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