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For more than a century, the Chelsea in NYC attracted the most fascinating and accomplished individuals who often found themselves “living on the edge” at the fabled residential hotel. Think of it as the East Coast Hollywood.  Now the famed buiding is undergoing an extensive face lift.  The Hotel may never again be the place to be seen or the setting for the wildest affairs, but memories of the Chelsea will live on in popular culture.

On April 12, Guernsey's Auction house in New York City, is putting up 51 doors up for bid from the historic Chelsea Hotel...which is super cool....but even cooler....all the doors come from rooms once occupied by celebrites including, Humphrey Bogart, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jack Kerouc, Bob Marley, Jackson Pollick, Mark Twain, Andy Warhol, and Tenessee Williams.

Through exhaustive research, roughly half of these large wooden doors can be traced to the iconic individuals who lived behind them. And although the research is continuing, it is expected that some doors can only be confirmed to be from the Hotel without a more precise personal connection. But even in those cases, owning a piece of Chelsea history is significant. Indeed, behind these doors lived the talented and famous (and infamous like Sid Vicious), where the Hotel served as home, workplace, artist’s retreat, hideaway, and love nest for the hippest, most talented, and most outrageous. Nothing more "Hollywood" than that...even if it's in NYC.

The most sought-after of the lot is going to be the door from Jim Morrison's room...well since he was in a band called "The Doors"  DUH.

For more information about the Chelsea Hotel...check out this BOOK.  And buy a door.  WHY NOT.

The Chelsea Hotel...we ❤️you.  RIP
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