The New Austin Powers Lounge

Did you LOVE The Austin Powers movies?  If so, you are gonna ❤️ this.

The guys who gave us Beetle House, the Tim Burton restaurant are doing it again, this time in Glendale as they open Electic Pussycat an Austin Powers shagadelic inspired bar.

Situated near the Glendale Galleria on 103 E. Broadway and tucked away in a two-story bank building next to a men’s clothing store, the former 103 Lounge on Broadway has been transformed into a mod cocktail bar with neon lighting, swinging clear plastic lounge chairs, hanging beads, and disco-style light-up flooring.

The bar has also hired at least one Austin Powers impersonator and a slew of women to play Fembots, the sexualized robots from the films. The result is a drinks-fueled pop culture escapade buffeted by scantily-clad women dancing on stage and being paid to talk to people at the bar. Yes, there is also a dance pole in the middle of the room.

Electic Pussycat is open to the public on April 14, so go and enjoy...and be groovy.  ❤️

The New Austin Powers Lounge The New Austin Powers Lounge Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on April 11, 2018 Rating: 5

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