National Lampoon's Broadway Vacation...The Musical

Next Stop, Walley World...on Broadway!!!

Yes, it has finally happened, Broadway has run out of original ideas so they decided to take another classic film and turn it into a musical.  This time, it's the Griswold family who are going to star in "National Lampoon's Vacation"....the musical!!!  Yep, you heard that right...oh and get's tentatively titled, "Broadway Vacation."  Hey, it worked for "Hairspray" and about 100 other shows... so who am I to judge.

The idea is still in the early stages of development and no composer or book writer has yet been announced for the adaptation, but the producers did hint that the film’s suburban Griswold family may be bound for a vacation in New York City, which as we all know is a departure from the original 1983 comedy in which Chevy Chase led his clan to the fictional Wally World or from sequels set in Europe and Las Vegas. “While the characters are familiar, ‘Broadway Vacation’ will take them on a completely original musical journey...and on a trip to New York that they will never forget,”  says producer Kurt Deutsch, the founder of Sh-K-Boom and Ghostlight Records the company behind the idea.

"Millions of tourists come to New York for the first time every year, and each has a singular experience," continues Deutsch.  "The Griswolds maiden trip to the city will be no exception, though in this case, theirs is guaranteed to be outrageous, unique, hilarious...and well-choreographed"

Well..we do love outrageous and hilarious send me a few tickets to opening night. Can't wait to see it.

"National Lampoon's Broadway Vacation"....hopefully, we will ❤️ you!!!

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