Turn Back Time: April 3, 1978

40 years ago today, April 3, 1978, ABC aired "Cher...Special" A one-off wonderful musical special that featured Dolly Parton, Rod Stewart and The Tubes.

One of the most iconic and memorable moments of the special is when Cher stands up, looks directly at the camera, and says, "Ladies and gentlemen, for tonight’s entertainment, I am proud to present West Side Story. I will be playing all the parts. Thank you." For the next fifteen minutes, Cher sings and dances to a medley of songs from the musical, playing both male and female characters.

Remember Parton’s performance of "Two Doors Down" or the chat she and Cher had on stage—you know when the two engaged in hilarious “girl talk” at work, except the conversation consisted of nothing but song titles and lyrics? If not, surely this photo Parton posted will bring back memories of the acclaimed medley the duo performed together titled "A Musical Battle to Save Cher’s Soul."

"Cher...Special" concludes with Cher saying, "Momma, I'm still here. I've got the same hair, the same bumpy nose and vampire teeth. But you were right, I feel better about myself now". Then Cher's nine-year-old daughter Chastity asks, "Mom, have you been into my records again?" Cher says, "my children Chastity and Elijah both have blonde hair. I guess they don't have the advantages of having black hair, but nobody told them it was going to be easy." Then she sings "When You Wish upon a Star". As the final credits roll by, Cher's young son Elijah Blue Allman comes out and sits on her lap.

I wish they still made TV shows like "Cher...Special"...cause we ❤️it!!!
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