Purple Rain At Sunset Sound Studios

Only in Hollywood can something like this happen...a chance to visit the studios where the greatest records of all time were originally recorded for a full album playback...and then because this IS Hollywood...a special group meditation.

That is what Shavasna Disco is doing.  For instance, today, April 4th, 2018 from 7-9pm, just as Prince’s Purple Rain approaches its 35th anniversary,  they are opening up Sunset Sound Studios at 6650 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood and the very room Prince recorded it in for a listening party.  WOW!!!

According to the Shavasana Disco, the guys behind the event....if you are lucky enough to score tickets, you arrive at Sunset Sound Studios and find a place to sit and relax on the floor.  The album will play from start to finish, while guests sit in blissful silence, reveling in the tones, tuning into the rhythms and soaking up the space between the notes.

Afterwards, everyone is asked to participate in a group meditation to send good vibes into the world leaving, everyone on a positive note.

The Prince night is already sold out but the group has other events just like this coming up so be sure to check their site.

This is super special....and another reason to ❤️ Holywood.

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