Hollywood Secrets EXPOSED

There is a juicy new book by Sue Cameron, who has been a daily columnist and TV editor for the Hollywood Reporter, a columnist for TV Guide, and a COSMO contributor, was also director of daytime program development for ABC Network, and it is setting the record straight on some Hollywood stories that we all know and love.

Some of the most amazing secrets from Hollywood you never knew. “Jimmy Stewart really was in love with me.” - Kim Novak “The police accused me of killing Sharon Tate.” - Cass Elliot “I want a vibrator for my birthday.” - Debbie Reynolds “I’m going to throw up. Keep Sonny away.” - Cher “Sue, you’re the terror of the west coast.” - Mario Puzo, Godfather author “I have your balls now, you Nazi, and you’re not getting them back.” - Joan Rivers

One story that we finally learn the truth is that Mama Cass didn't die choking on a ham sandwich.  On the day Cass died, Cameron offered to write a news article about it.  "I had a phone number of the apartment where she was staying, and Allan Carr, her manager answered.  He just went, "Oh Sue, oh Sue, you have to help me.  We have to make it look like she choked on a ham sandwich,"  Cameron remembers.  "there really was a ham sandwich on her nightstand." Sue agreed to spread the word.  An autopsy later revealed that Cass died of a heart attack due to obesity, the ham sandwich legend survived.

Setting the record straight.  That's why we ❤️it.

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