Lance Bass' West Hollywood Sports Bar

Well well.  It seems our pal Lance Bass is adding another restaurant to “reality row” in West Hollywood that we wrote about here.  No wonder he got so chummy with Lisa Vanderpump. Please help me welcome Rocco's Tavern, a new sports bar/live music venueto the hood.

Located on San Vincente and Santa Monica Blvd, next to Beaches Bar which sits next to the still unopened Tom Tom bar as featured on Vanderpump Rules, which is next door to yet unopened Bottega Louis, which is beside The Mother Load, next to Pump, and near The Chapel, which sits next to The Abbey...Rocco's Tavern is moving into the abandoned Citibank location and when completed will be a 3,500 square-foot restaurant with a large outdoor patio, plus a lounge area for the live music. This street is on FIRE.

“I’ve always wanted to try doing a place in West Hollywood, especially bringing the live music element,” said Bass,  “I’m looking for really great live music to bring in; jazz, blues and really focused on LGBT-lead entertainment also. [Los Angeles is] the entertainment capital of the world and we don’t do much live entertainment here, which is crazy.”

This will be the third sports bar in a neighborhood, but the first to include live music...and the first to sit next to a park that people use to play sports in.  Lance, who has been a customer at Rocco’s Studio City location for years is excited by the chance to partner with Rocco's on their WeHo location, and it is a smart move.  Ching Ching...celeb endorsement.  How cool will it be for tourists to come to West Hollywood and be almost guaranteed to see Lance Bass, Lisa Vanderpump, and the cast of Vanderpump Rules all within one block?

I'm still not sure how a sports bar with live music co-owned by a former pop star, is gonna work...I would have gone with a bar that only plays "Real Housewives" on the big screens...but Rocco's Tavern (set to open later this year), and Lance Bass..we ❤️ you.  See ya there.

Lance Bass' West Hollywood Sports Bar Lance Bass' West Hollywood Sports Bar Reviewed by #IheartHollywood on May 23, 2018 Rating: 5


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