Swan Lake in Hollywood

Looking for someting fun to do?  What about a swan race?

Everyone is takling about the swan boats at Echo Park Lake....but have you ever had a swan race?  Just grab a few friends and head on over to the Swan rental station and for $11 per hour you and your friends can enjoy a great afternoon in a setting that practicly a movie set.

Ok, so it's not Swan Lake, but you may recognize Echo Park Lake from "Chinatown.” One of the movie’s most picturesque scenes was when Gittes takes photographs of Hollis Mulwray (Darrell Zwerling) from a rowboat.  Row boats are no longer allowed on in the lake...but the swan boats are,

There are so many great tv shows and movies that were shot there, and our pal Lindsay did a great job writing about it over at Iamnotastalker.com.  Click HERE to read it.  You will be tested.  


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