Take A Tour Of Frank Sinatra's Hollywood Bungalow

Frank Sinatra had many offices around Hollywood throughout the years.

The one above, still standing, is a 1929 bungalow that sits on land owned by LADWP at the southern edge of The Lot, a film production studio at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Formosa Avenue that was once known as Warner Hollywood Studios, and where shows like "Dynasty" and "The Love Boat" were shot.  You can literally walk right up to it as it is on the street and not behind gates.  It is believed that during his time and tenure at The Lot, Sinatra used this bungalow as his personal retreat in between productions.

If you happen to make it onto The Lot, take special interest in Sound Stage 7. That is where Sinatra recorded The Concert Sinatra in 1963, and its image appears on the album cover.

It would really be great if everyone reading this can take a second to sign the petition to save the bungalow.  Although it is is SAFE for now, there is talk of tearing it down or relocating it. Please click HERE to sign.

This is a rare pic of inside the bungalow that our pal Hollywood Historian Alison Martino took:

But the ultimate Sinatra office space has to be his offices on the Warner Bros Lot.

Located in building 95 at Warner Bros. Studio. the history of A-Listers who have occupied the building include Barbra Streisand, Sidney Poitier, Dustin Hoffman, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, and producer Richard Donner (1978's Superman) Brett Ratner moved into his bungalow a few years ago, after producer Joel Silver (The Matrix Trilogy) moved out, and Brett gave a great tour to Vanity Fair a little while back...and it is posted below.

In this video, inside what is arguably one of the best Hollywood bungalows, you can feel Sinatra's imprint. It just reeks of old Hollywood.

Just a few days ago, Warner Bros. released a statement that said it will not renew Ratner's $450-million co-financing agreement with Brett Ratner's film funding company, cutting its remaining ties with the embattled director, who has been accused of sexual misconduct or assault by several women. What will happen to Sinatra's bungalow is not known yet, but hopefully someone who loves its history will move in and appreciate it.

Sinatra's Bungalows...we ❤️you!!!
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