Vanderpump's Tom Tom Bar

Now that "Vanderpump Rules" has just finished its season, don't go through Pump withdrawals...a  quick trip to West Hollywood's Pump or Sur will fix you right up...and as an extra bonus, here are some details of the new Tom Tom Bar opening soon.

Since you probably watch "Vanderpump Rules" you already know that just down the street from Pump is the soon to be Tom Tom Bar.

Tom Tom will join the group of bars/restaurants in the area that is known as "reality row," that was once just Robertson Blvd...but thanks to Lisa and Todd is now rounding the corner onto Santa Monica Blvd.

The new bar will be located just a few doors down from PUMP on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, and next to the soon to be Bottega Louie, a Downtown LA mega restaurant, which is still under construction, and co-owned by David Cooley who owns The Abbey, which had its own docu-series on E! A smart bet would be that Bottega Louie will soon be a reality series on some network.

Lisa named the bar after Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz two of the cast members of 'Vanderpump Rules", in a brilliant attempt to capitalize on their fame and popularity to attract a crowd (and probably to employ some people for the next season of the tv show).

Lisa is so smart...not only is she using her two Bravo shows for free publicity, but by naming a new bar after two of her stars in a series that bears her name, she has already guaranteed herself their involvment...but then she went ahead and asked them to pay her for that "opportunity" (the two Toms are "investors")...and they did....and it was a storyline on a show which she is not only getting paid as an Executive Producer but is also getting paid to appear. Very clever Ms Vanderpump. Very clever indeed.

(Ya see Tom and Tom, if Lisa approached ME about using my name on a bar because I was the star of her show, I would be asking her to PAY ME for that "opportunity"...not the other way around #royalties)

Let's not forget that on top of all that...when the show shoots there...and it WILL, Lisa and her husband Todd will be the ones to collect the location fee.  Brilliant.

When cameras were last inside,  Tom Tom was still a construction site, but in just a few weeks, it's going to look like this:

Pretty, but I do hope they change the bar stools.  Backless barstools are the WORST.  They make NO SENSE and are impossible to sit on without slouching.  Also, they are uncomfortable and make people want to just get a drink a leave.  Don't you want people to sit at your bar and order drink after drink?  But it is smart to make the bartenders just a body and no face. LOL!!!
I am pretty sure they are just designing these bars for reality shows....and that's ok with ME.

Word is Tom Tom is opening very soon, so to the gaggle of girls that usually hang out at Pump in hopes of seeing Lisa have a new selfie bar.  Congrats.  

To Tom Tom...can't wait to drink there.  ❤️❤️❤️.
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