Poolside Gossip

If you ❤️ Hollywood, I am sure that you have seen the famous photo by Slim Aarons of two attractive women sitting in lounge chairs looking fabulous beside a pool at the Kaufmann House in Palm Springs, Calif. Maybe you even own a print, or know someone that has it hanging in their home, but do you know anyone who has worn it?
Yup, “Poolside Gossip," is available to wear...that's right WEAR.

Designer Orleabar Brown has taken the iconic picture and turned them into swim shorts. Technically it's the pic from another shot in the series:...but if you are bold enough to wear something like this, does it really matter?  I am guessing that if they used the one with the two ladies sitting, it would look funny on the male body.

I love it, and at $345 a pair, you have to love it too.  Personally, I would rather go with a pair with a print of the photo redo that was done a few years ago...it seems more on brand with Palm Springs of today.  #GoldenGirls

If you want to be the envy of all your girlfriends at your next Palm Springs pool party, buy yourself a pair of these Orleabar Brown swim trunks HERE, and if you want to be the envy of all your girlfriends at home, but the print in a frame for a lot less HERE.

"Poolside Gossip" has become much a symbol of modernism and pop culture, and we ❤️it!!!

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