What's Art Got To Do With It?

Did you love the 80's as much as we did?  How about those arcades? Now there is an art show in Pasadena that recreates a 1982 mall filled with video games and pinball machines called "25¢ a Play: The Art of the Videocade".

According to their site:

Arcades in the late 1970s and early 1980s hold a particularly endearing sense of nostalgia for the American way of life. Like shopping malls and roller rinks, they were safe, isolated oases where kids with a reasonable amount of money, could spend hours unchaperoned amongst their peers in the fleeting but fantastic light of electric competition. Our debut show recreates the ultimate 1982 mall arcade experience, where top-shelf, vintage video games and pinball machines will be available for sale alongside prototypes and original Atari art.  

This fully immersive experience has reimagined the standard gallery exhibition and remember, and although you can't "play" the games (it's art) everything IS for sale.   As the exhibits change regularly, fans and collectors will have an opportunity to witness their favorite moments of yesteryear through creative displays and storylines

Right now the exhibit includes a 1980 Battlezone; 1980 Missile Command, considered one of the great classic video games from the Golden Age of Arcade Games; 1983 Tron, inspired by the Disney film; 1971 Computer Space, it release marked the beginning of the commercial video game industry; extremely rare working Computer Space, a scarce Pre-Atari videogame considered as Holy Grails in the videogame collecting sector; 1976 Death Race, one of only 500 ever made, the game was protested by newspapers and civic organizations for its violence eventually getting it banned; a 1979 Bally Star Trek game, developed before the production of "Star Trek the Motion Picture;" a 1980 Pac-Man game, the single most popular game of all time; a 1978 Bally KISS pinball machine and many others.

So check it out, and maybe you will come home with a vintage Pac Man Machine as a work of art for your home.

Peekaboo Gallery
40 Mills Place
Pasadena, CA 91105

The classic Hollywood spin, by calling this saleroom an art "show" it turns it into something you MUST see and have.   LOL If anything else, it's just like going to an 80's movie set...."25¢ a Play: The Art of the Videocade" we ❤️you!!!

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