The New Billionaire Boys Club

In the 80's a bunch of spoiled Beverly Hills kids formed an investment/social club called the Billionaire Boys Club, which was basically just a Ponzi scheme to buy cars, girls...Armani Suits.  When the money ran out the leader Joe Hunt turned to murder killing two wealthy men in an attempt to steal their money.

The Real Joe Hunt
The real-life drama was so much better than any fiction could make it out to be but it was turned into an NBC miniseries "A group of wealthy boys in Los Angeles during the early 1980s establish a 'get-rich-quick' scam that turns deadly" starring Judd Nelson as Joe Hunt, who in 1987, was convicted of murdering real-life con-man Ron Levin played by Ron Silver.  If this happened today, I am sure they would have been approached by Bravo for a docu-series.

The story had everything 80's about it to love....greed, sex, drugs, Beverly rules.  Marcia Clark did a great job investigating the case for her show "The First 48" as well as Dominick Dunn for his series "Power, Privilege and Justice":

Now, The Billionaire Boys Club is back as a feature, this time starring Ansel Elgort, best known for his role in "The Fault In Our Stars" as Joe Hunt, Emma Roberts, Jeremy Irvine,  Cary Elwes as Andy Warhol and Kevin Spacey plays Ron Levin in his first film since he was blacklisted from Hollywood after being accused of sexual assault by multiple men.

Filming for Billionaire Boys Club began in December 2015, long before the allegations against Spacey ever came to light, and wrapped in January 2016. It will be released this August but I can't imagine that people are going to want to see Spacey in a film again..but come is a great LA scandal.

The BEST PART about this film is it is set in the 80's in Los Angeles.  As you can see in the trailer below, there are even a few shots of old Spago (obviously fake)

I am down with ANY film about Hollywood in the 80's. With this and hopefully the HULU "Less Than Zero" remake, the ❤️ of 80's LA is back.  Can't wait to see MORE.

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