The New Sunset Strip

Change is a coming, something's blowin' in the wind....and West Hollywood is up for some big changes in the next few years.

The famous Sunset Strip.....only a mile and a half long will soon look unrecognizable with new buildings popping up EVERYDAY including a Gwyneth Paltrow private club and more and more hotels.

Curbed LA just published a great article about all the new buildings coming and going.

Click HERE to read all about it.

And if traffic wasn't bad enough, more changes are coming to West Hollywood.  Just down the street from the Sunset Strip and across the street from reality row (Sur, Pump Restaurant and The Abbey) is going to be a massive new project called Robertson Lane.

The block-long establishment will consist of an underground nightclub, four new restaurants, and a 241 room hotel.  They are actually taking the famous old Factory building (home to Mitchell Camera, an early maker of movie cameras and later, and Studio One a famous gay nightclub/performance space where a lot of comics including Joan Rivers performed) dismantling it, then rebuilding it in a slightly different location.  From the city that tore down the Ambassador Hotel and The Brown Derby, and turned Chasens into a grocery store it's interesting that that chose THIS building to save.  "Studio One" has been LONG gone.  Progress I guess.

Change is good.  Without change, you get stagnant and die, so it's great to see the WEHO moving up and onward...I just hope we love these new West Hollywood as much as we loved the old one.  ❤️

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