Bella Swan's House Is Up For Sale

Which "Twilight" fan is going to snatch this place up?

Super fans of the "Twilight" movies will be thrilled to learn that the house used as Bella’s home in the "Twilight" films is now available to yea you can actually sleep in Bella's bedroom after viewing the movie in the downstairs living room. #meta

The house, used in the 2008 “Twilight” film is where Bella (Kristen Stewart) lives with her dad Charlie (Billy Burke) and is located at 184 6th Street in St. Helens, OR. not in the state of Washington where the actual story takes place.  Sorry to break it to you, but Bella is just a fictional character.

Although they only used the house for the first movie (for the following films, it was recreated exactly on a soundstage) it is still an iconic location.  "Twilight" fans travel from all around the world just to take a pic outside "Bella's House"  #bellashouse

According to the real-life owner, Dean Koenig, the film crew made changes to the home that he and have his family have still kept intact even past the franchise’s end.

If you are looking for your own vampire to swoop in and fall in love with you while living here you can forget about it.  According to Koenig, “There have been no vampires, no werewolves sighted, just deer, but you probably will have to put up with fans still trying to take photos in front of your house all day." Sounds delightful.

Click HERE for more info and to see the listing.

To be able to live in the real-life location to such an iconic movie....who couldn't ❤️ that?

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