The Town Of Bedrock

Attention "Flintstones" fans, there is a real-life town that modeled after the classic cartoon tv series. Yabba-Dabba-Doo. Welcome to Bedrock, Arizona...a page right out of history.

Yup, Bedrock City is a real place.  Who knew there were so many Flintstones fans out there.

Located about 30 miles from the Grand Canyon, this tourist spot is Flintstones heaven, complete with houses that resemble Fred and Barney's homes:

A large brontosaurus that's also a slide, so visitors can mimic the show’s famous title credits sequence:

and plenty of places to grab a perfect pic:

The site, which also doubles as an RV campground also has a gift shop, and a restaurant.

And if you really love it, you can buy it.

Since 2015 with an asking price of $2 million, this place has been for sale.  Owner Linda Speckels who is now in her 70's wants to retire. A separate Flintstones park in South Dakota, owned by another member of the Speckels family, was sold and closed in 2015.

If I bought it, the FIRST thing I would do is update the HORRIBLE website and add an outdoor movie theater, so maybe one day Fred will win that fight, and the cat will stay out for the night.

Remember, when you are with the Flinstones you will have a gay old time.

We ❤️ everything that brings tv to life..and that is why we ❤️ Bedrock City.  
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