Live In Catelyn Stark's Game Of Thrones Fortress

Do you deserve the Iron Throne?  Start by moving into "Riverrun Castle," Catelyn Stark's (Michelle Fairley) ancestral home in "Game of Thrones."

Yes, you can now live like a King, or Queen because Gosford Castle, the 19th-century estate that was used for exterior shots as Riverrun on the third season of the hit HBO series"Game of Thrones" is now on the market for $656,452. The House Tully Castle could be your new home.

The castle, which was built by the second Earl of Gosford Archibald Acheson, sits in Northern Ireland.

Designed by London architect Thomas Hopper, the epic fortress was built in the mid-1800s and was occupied by the Earls of Gosford until 1921. Soon thereafter, it was commandeered to accommodate troops during World War II. 

Following the war, it was sold to the Ministry of Agriculture, who established the surrounding land as Gosford Forest Park.

Since 1983 the castle, which now boasts more than 15 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, has been run as a hotel.  But we don't care about all that....all we care about is that it was the location of Robb Stark’s execution of Rickard Karstark and other pivotal scenes in "Game Of Thrones."

The scene where Robb Stark beheads Lord Karstark during season three of "Game of Thrones"

Now it is up for sale.  Is "Castle Hunters" a tv series yet?  If you are interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind property, you better hurry, places like this don't sit vacant for long.  For more information, click HERE.  

Winter IS coming, so maybe it's the best time to invest in a castle. If you buy it now we could all plan to stay there for finale night.  That is why we ❤️this
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