Rock And Walk The Sunset Strip

It's only Rock and Roll...and we like it.

Hollywood is known primarily as a town where movies and tv shows are made, but it is also where much of the music industry lives and creates.

Walking the streets, one might pass such iconic inspirations of the music world.

Our pal Jon D'Amico is teaching the masses about the history of rock, with his Rock 'n Walk & Jogging Tours of the legendary Sunset Strip in West Hollywood which is packed with music history.

"This strip is my personal favorite because of the many adventures and encounters I've had here," says Jon who's tour offers a first-hand account of the history of Rock and Roll on the streets where they were created.

"The Sunset Strip walking tour is a fun and memorable way to explore the history of this legendary rock 'n roll playground and you'll get the inside scoop from my personal experiences living and working on the Sunset Strip for over 25 years."

The Sunset strip was once known for its nightclubs where the stars of the golden age would come and play.

But it was during the 60's when it became a magnet for the hippie counterculture, and in the 1970s and early '80s when rock'n'roll and stand-up comedy took the 1.5-mile block from famous to infamous.

The Rock 'N Walk tour takes you to the exact locations where the stars play, and in some cases, played a bit too hard.

Oh, and since it's a WALKING tour or a JOGGING tour, it's also your cardio for the day.  Traffic in this town sucks anyway, so who wants to be stuck on a tour bus.  #killme.

So if you are looking for a fun activity for friends from out of town, or for all you locals who are unaware of the culture and deep history in the city where you walk and play, take a few hours and do a Rock 'N Walk Tour. #TheMoreYouKnow.

Oh, and if Beverly Hills is more your thing, Jon does a great tour of that area too. For more information and to book your tour, click HERE.

Jon, and the Rock 'N Walk Tours...we ❤️ya.
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  1. Jonnie is a cool cat indeed, he is your go to guy for fun in the sun and sweat. He's known to pull and drag a fire hose and 150 lb. dummy during his earlier training gig, should be a fun story hear;)

  2. On my Rock 'N Walk tour, I learned so much about the history of the Sunset Strip - both the fun and the dark sides - stuff I didn't know, and I live in LA! Jonny was the best, a very knowledgeable guide with a great sense of humor. It's as if he lived it himself! Oh, yeah... he actually did.....