Sparrow Market

In LA news...there is a new supermarket in town where all the food is gluten-free, and calorie free... it's also paleo, dairy free, vegan or whatever else "free" you want it to be.

Welcome to Sparrow Mart.

Sparrow Market is a store that is stocked with 31,000 different items to buy including produce, liquor, frozen and fresh food items...but all the pieces are not what they seem, because in this place all products are made of FELT.  Yup FELT!!!

This combination art exhibit/supermarket (in Hollywood you have to be a an actor/model or a producer/director) is now open through August 31 at the Standard Hotel Downtown and really captures the LA, perfect for any diet, that cost a more than double than it would anywhere else, that you can't eat, and products that may look like one thing, but they are really something else. It's all smoke and mirrors folks, or in this case...felt.

Artist Lucy Sparrow, who spent an entire year creating and sewing all 31,000 pieces explains it best, “It’s not about consumerism, it’s about providing emotional and psychological well-being. It’s about happiness and emotional responses and feeling like a kid again.” I guess you can think of this store as one big support dog.

And here I was, just the other day thinking that I wanted some Geflite Fish, but ya know...a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. 😏

I  think this place is BRILLIANT, and am kinda obsessed with the VHS section, featuring ’80s classics like ‘Ghost Busters’, ‘Dirty Dancing’, and ‘Jaws’.

Admission is free and its hours — 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, closed Mondays — are convenient for whenever "hunger" strikes.

But I do think having a fake liquor section is just mean...but that's just me.  😀

In a town of #metoo...being "felt up" never "felt" so right.  (it's a supermarket of FELT...had to go THERE)

This place is PERFECT for stocking up our Hollywood kitchens...cause come on, have you ever met anyone in this town who admits to actually eating?  Sparrow Mart...we ❤️ya.

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