Whatever Happened To: The Cast Of "Suddenly Susan”

"Suddenly Susan" was the first series for famous actress Brooke Shields, who played the lead role of Susan in this NBC comendy that ran from  September 19, 1996, until December 26, 2000.

Young San Francisco copy editor Susan led a too-perfect life until she dumped her rich but boring fiancé at the altar and decided to try making it on her own in this bright workplace comedy.

“Suddenly, Susan, you're interesting,” growled her demanding boss Jack, promoting her to columnist at the hip local magazine, The Gate. Jack, interestingly, was the brother of her ex-fiancé.

In her column, “Suddenly Susan,” (in a pre "Sex And The City" world) eager, innocent Susan wrote about her exploits in the singles world, including disastrous dates and the strange people she met.

Vicki (Kathy Griffin) was her spunky, neurotic coworker, with whom she shared many adventures;

Luis (Nestor Carbonell) the darkly handsome photographer, who was very protective of Susan.

Todd (David Strickland) the horny but harmless young music critic whose fixation with MTV had given him an extremely limited attention span.

Susan's conservative parents Liz and Bill were aghast that she had walked away from all that money, but her wise, salty grandmother, Nana, (Barbara Barrie) said “Go for it!” egging her on.

There was continuing sexual tension with Jack (Judd Nelson), an eccentric boss who had a rock climbing wall in his office, and after he divorced his shrewish wife Margo, he and Susan began an off-and-on relationship.

Joining the gang in the third season was investigative reporter Maddy (Andrea Bendewald, previously a recurring character), who was Susan's high school rival and continued to irk her. Maddy later became Luis' love interest.

Pete (Bill Stevenson) was the gay mailboy, and Joan Rivers played Vicki's mom.

The third-season finale was a tribute to actor David Strickland, who had committed suicide; in it his character Todd was missing, and in searching for him the gang discovered many heartwarming facts about him they did not know. At the end of the episode they got a call from the police, but it was not clear what had happened to him.

The fourth season brought major changes. The Gate was sold to eccentric former publishing whiz kid Ian (Eric Idle), who was determined to turn it into a sleazy men's style magazine. He belittled everybody, especially Susan (“the modesty of your talent”), causing her to “quit, and brought in star sportswriter Nate (Currie Graham), bad-boy celebrity photographer Oliver (Rob Estes) and young  assistant Miranda (Sherri Sheppard).

Susan came crawling back and was rehired, thanks to the intervention of Oliver, whom she later began dating. Their off-and-on romance lasted throughout the season, and in the series finale Oliver proposed but Susan was torn between marrying him and taking a glamorous New York job offer.

The finale was not initially seen due to NBC's abrupt cancelation of the show. It finally aired, unbilled, on Christmas night, 2000, at 2 A.M. with three other previously unseen episodes.

So what happened to the cast?

Kathy Griffin sure has made a name for herself, and we LOVED Nestor Carbonell in "Bates Motel"... a good sitcom to start off the careers of some very impressive actors, that is why we ❤️this.

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