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Stars love to wine.

We first told you about Jon Bon Jovi & Son's Hampton Water Rose back in May, and The Bachelor Wines in January...but it seems in Hollywood having your own wine is the new "having your own perfume."  Here are a few more:


The supermodel and entrepreneur launched her Bellissima prosecco line in 2016 because, "I've always been a big champagne girl," she says. But being health- and price - conscious, heraffordable prosecco (an Italian sparkling wine), which comes in brut, roséanda no-sugar option, is organic from grapes grown in the Veneto region of Italy. Says Christie, “I believe that celebrating what we are grateful for with family, friends and prosecco contributes to a healthy, happy and sweetly beautiful life!"

Kurt Russell, GOGI WINES

Goldie Hawn's longtime significant other started GoGi Wines, based in California's Santa Rita Hills, in 2008 after bicycling through France, Italy and California with his family. The Burgundian wines, he says, "didn't just steal my palate, they stole my heart!" With a dream of "creating beautiful wines of my own," Kurt explains, he partnered with friends who own a vineyard and taught him the ropes. Kurt dubbed his wines GoGi after a nickname his sisters gave him, and GoGi Wines now produces pinot noir and a chardonnay, named after his love, Goldie, for prices ranging from $50 to $75. "People really like it." he says. "We have earned our street cred."

Kathie Lee Gifford, GIFFT WINES 

Anyone who watches Kathie Lee on "Today" knows she likes wine. But she also produces her own! “I was born in Paris, France, so maybe the love of wines comes naturally," she jokes. Partnering with Scheid Family Wines, she produces reds, whites and a rose that cost $17." A glass of wine says slow down," she says, "savor your blessings."


In college, the "Twin Peaks" star was known as "the Wine Guy" since he preferred grapes to hops. Over the years Kyle learned about winemaking and as a native of Washington state, he longed to produce a wine from his home turf, "which would get me back home more frequently to see my dad,” he says. After partnering with another Washington winemaker, Pursued by Bear Cabernet Sauvignon arrived in 2005. He now produces Baby Bear Syrah and Blushing Bear Rosé for about $60 a bottle.

John Legend, LVE WINES 

The soulful singer launched his label in 2015 after trips to Napa, Calif., with his wife, Chrissy
Teigen."We wanted to make something we were all proud of," he says. Now he makes a red, chardonnay and a rosé, which cost $25 to $85 a bottle.

Tituss Burgess, PBTB

After the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star sang about pinot noir and caviar on the show, he got the idea for releasing his own line of wines. Even though he’s not a professional sommelier, he loves wine so much he marinates his ribs in pinot noir. PBTB wine is barrel aged for eight months in a Santa Barbera wine country vineyard. In 2016, Burgess introduced a pride collection and a rosé.


The “Anaconda” singer created MYX Fusions in 2013, and in true Nicki Minaj fashion, the wine is anything but boring. Sold in brightly colored bottles, they offer moscatos in four different flavors: original, peach, mango and coconut, and three sangrias: classico, redberry and tropical.


The rock legend and his wife, Trudie Styler, produce Tuscan wines that are sold in the U.S. through Maritime Trading Collective, a boutique wine importer. Their latest red is fittingly named “Message in a Bottle” and has an aroma of cherries, blackberries and spices. (Love that it’s affordable, too!)


Fergie felt the need to do something family-focused and since her dad was a farmer for fun, she decided he was the best partner to make with with. Their Crest Club members get four bottles of their personally selected wines twice a year. This season it included a bottle of the 2011 Fergalicious, a blend of Syrah, Merlot, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon that the winemaker describes as woody and flashy with notes of red fruit, blueberry, cherry and a hint of chocolate.


For Barrymore Wines, Drew Barrymore partnered with Jess Jackson‘s Jackson Family Wines. Barrymore Wines falls under its Carmel Road label, whose vineyards are located in Southern Monterey County, to produce three varietals: Pinot Noir – called Drew’s Blend – a Pinot Grigio and a Noir Rose with Carmel Road winemaker, Kris Kato.

I'll drink to all of these and the many more celebrities who love to pump out a good wine.  ❤️

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