Whatever Happened To: The Cast Of "Punky Brewster”

Punky Brewster was an 80's NBC series about a cute seven-year-old Chicago girl with a lot of problems, but a sunny outlook on life.

Abandoned by her parents, spunky Punky and her adorable puppy set up housekeeping in an empty apartment, where they were soon discovered by the building manager, Henry Warnimont, a dour old bachelor. He was about to turn them over to the authorities when—well, those big eyes, that winning smile, that loving heart, who could resist? Somehow he persuaded the skeptical authorities to let Punky stay with him for a while, and the little girl began to bring sunshine into Henry's world.

Stories revolved around their adjustments to each other, and Henry's professional work as a photographer.

Cherie was Punky's playmate played by ... well ... Cherie Johnson! It's not a coincidence that she shared the same name as her character. Her uncle, David Duclon, was the show's creator and created the character for his talented little niece.

Ami Foster played Punky's friend Margaux Kramer, the blonde little rich girl who called everybody "peasants" which was really pretty radical back in the day.

Allen Anderson was another of Punky's friends and was played by Casey Ellison in his very first acting role. The goofy, yet lovable Allen was always making audiences laugh as he often guided Punky into trouble. Casey left the show in the 3rd season for a reoccurring role on Mr. Belvadere as Wesley's friend Miles.

According to reports published when this series was announced, there was a real Punky Brewster, though not quite as depicted in the show. NBC programming head Brandon Tartikoff, while a youth, had had a crush on a tomboyish older girl by that name. Years later he nicknamed his own first child Punky. He also thought it would make a great name for a TV series, so when this show went into development, Punky it was—after NBC's lawyers tracked down the real Punky and got permission to use her name (she was married to a lawyer in Connecticut, received a royalty for the use of her name, and even appeared once in a cameo role as one of the teachers at Punky's school). And the puppy who followed Punky around on the show? Its name was “Brandon.”

NBC aired an animated version of this series, titled "It's Punky Brewster" on Saturday mornings from September 1985-September 1987 and from October 1988-September 1989.

So what happened to the cast?

As for Ami Foster

After Punky Brewster, the multi-talented Ami continued to sing, dance and act, most notably co-starring in the cult classic, Troop Beverly Hills.  Ami is a devoted mom raising her two kids in Los Angeles, while also teaching acting workshops.

and Casey Ellison,

Today, the highly intelligent Ellison resides in Los Angeles with his daughter and he recently completed a 4-year stint managing a research lab at Purdue University in the biomedical engineering department.

Crazy to think that Punky was OVER 30 years ago, and I wonder what is taken so long for a new version of this show with Punky all grown up raising her own brew-ster.  Great memories....that is why we ❤️it.  xoxo

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  1. I know Casey Ellison the actor personally from Punky Brewster and that is him in the child shot on the left but that is NOT him as an adult today on the right. That's a different "Casey Ellison" that was a singer in a Quartet in Branson, MO called Chosen Few.

    1. yea i kind of thought the same thing.

    2. The "Casey Jane" Ellison, ya think a connection?

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