The Foo Fighters Dave Grohl Opens A Farmers Market

Any celebrity can open up a restaurant in LA, but it takes a ROCK STAR to open a FARMERS MARKET...and that's just what Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is doing.

Yup, Starting Saturday, September, 22, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters will be opening up the Valley Urban Market - an open-air, family-friendly, food experience held weekly at the iconic Sportsman’s Lodge in Studio City, CA.

Ok, technically it's Dave's WIFE, and her three partners that are opening this up, but that is just a technicality right?

The market be hosting nearly 20 local culinary vendors including celebrity chefs and exciting pop-ups while serving BBQ, tacos, seafood, boba to artisanal coffee and ice cream, and will also be a place for the event manager Jordyn Gohls husband, Dave to help out...and maybe even perform.

According to their site:

Founded and co-owned by longtime friends and native Valley girls Megan Gefsky, Deborah Saly, and Jordyn Grohl, who all grew up not far from the lodge, the market is a collection of their experiences, passions and expertise. From high school to baby classes, the trio has bonded over incredible food and have become self-proclaimed foodies and dedicated moms together. Honing in on their individualized skills, together these three friends are changing the way the Valley is perceived. Hospitality veteran and event organizer Megan Gefsky leads the business with her extensive restaurant experience and was first to propose a more elevated outdoor dining experience for the San Fernando Valley. Creative force and event manager Jordyn Grohl, married to Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl, brings her love of food and vast cultural experience, history in production, and interior design skills to the market. Loyola Law School grad and current Vice President of Legal Affairs for a NASDQ-traded company, Deborah Saly oversees the legal and structural end with her expertise in business law garnered from almost 20 years of intimately representing companies across vast industries.

Sounds like fun...and I bet it's gonna be STAR-STUDDED and that is why we ❤️.  Wonder what's next...David Lee Roth opening a candy shop??

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